The following guidelines are binding on all students of

A D.Rufa’I College for Legal and Islamic Studies.Misau –

Bauchi State.

1          A Student must satisfy the minimum of 75% attendance before he/she is qualified to sit for any Examination

2          A Student should arrive at the examination venue ten (10) minutes before the commencement of the Examination.

Only students that registered for a course will be allowed to sit for that Examination.

3          Students shall come to the Examination Hall with their I.D. Card and Examination Card.

4          Students should rot enter the Examination Hall with any paper relating to that exams, mobile phone, handkerchief or tissue paper

5          Students should net write anything on the question paper.

Students shall not expose answers to their colleagues to copy.

6          Students should nm borrow any writing material from another person without permission from the Invigilator.


7       Student shall not expose answers to their colleagues to copy


8   Student shall not borrow any writing material from another permission from the invigilator



9          A Student with an improper dress will be disallowed to enter Examination Hall.

10        An Invigilator should ensure that students maintain silence while Examination is in progress.

11       Eating und Chewing in an Examination Hall are prohibited.

12       Any student found smoking in an Examination Hall while examination is in progress, such a Student shall be disqualified from writing that paper

13        Once Examination time-table is pasted on the Notice Board of a particular School, it shall be the responsibility of each student to make sure that he/she knows the dates, time and venue of the examination.

14        Students should not be allowed to enter Examination Hall an hour after the commencement of that exam.

15       Students should not leave Examination Hall before an hour of the commencement of that Examination.