No student who has registered for an examination shall postpone or withdraw sitting for the examination without the consent of the Head of Department, and such consent shall be given except on medical grounds based on eases of ill health reported to and certified by the Medical Officer in the health centre or clinic of the institution, Any unilateral withdrawal from the examination will earn a student zero in the affected course(s).


1      If any candidate is suspected of cheating, receiving assistance or assisting other candidates or of infringing any other examination regulations, a written report of the circumstances shall be submitted by the Senior Invigilator, to the Registrar within 24 hours of the examination session and a copy sent to the Provost. The candidate concerned shall be allowed to continue with the examination.

2      Any candidate suspected under these regulations shall be required to submit to the Senior Invigilator a written report immediately after the paper Failure to make a report shall be regarded as a breach of discipline.

3Where the Provost is satisfied that a person has committed   a breach of any of the regulations, such a person shall deemed to have committed an examination offence.

4 Where the Provost through the Registrar has reason to believe that, the nature of any question on the contents of any paper may have become known before the date and time of the examination to any persons other than the examiners of thepaper, and any official of the College authorized to handle the paper, through the recommendation of the Registrar may order the suspension of the examination and cancellation of the paper or setting of new paper and shall report the matter to the Academic Board.

5 If, in the opinion of an invigilator circumstance arise which render the examination unfair to any candidate, he must report the matter to the Provost within 24 hours of the examination and copy to The Registrar.

Where a matter is reported to The Provost under regulation he may takesuch action as he thinks fit. If he directs that another examination be held, the mailer should be reported to the Academic Board at its earliest meeting.

Any candidate 01 member of the academic staff may complain lo the Registrar and the Provost that an examination has been improperly conducted, The complaint shall be investigated and the report of the result of investigation reported to The Academic Board which shall take action as it may deem appropriate. The Academic Board shall take very serious view of an examination malpractice(s) affecting any member of staff of the College.

No candidate shall be allowed to enter an examination room later or to leave an examinationroom earlier than thirty minutes after the beginning of an examination.

8        No candidate shall take into an examination room or have in his/her possession during examination any book or paper or printed/written documents, whether relevant to theexamination or not, unless specifically authorized to do so An Invigilator has authority to confiscate document (s).A candidate shall not directly:-

  1. i. Give any assistance to any other candidate;
  2. Accept any assistance from any candidate

10      Candidate shall not remove from an examination room any paper(s) used or unused except the question paper and blank paper, (if any) as he/she is authorized to take into the examination room.

  1. A candidate shall comply with all directives set out on an examination answer hook or other examination materials supplied to him/Tier, and shall comply, with directives given to him/her by an Invigilator
  2. A candidate shall not write on any paper other than the examination answer booklet.

All rough work must be done in answer booklet and crossed out neatly supplementary answer books, even if they contained only rough work, must be tied inside the main answer books.

  1. When leaving the examination room, a Candidate shall not leave higher written work on the desk but he/she shall hand it over to the Invigilator. Candidates are responsible for the proper return of their written work Smoking shall not be permitted in examination rooms during examination.
  2. Absence from examination, candidate must present themselves at such examinations for which they have registered under the regulations. Candidates who fail to do so for reason other than illness or accident shall he deemed to have failed that examination.Misreading of the Time-Table shall not be accepted as a satisfactory explanation for absence