The College Library was opened in 1978 when the College was established. IT was renovated and renamed Mal. (Dr.) Isa Yuguda Library on Friday. 26″ February, 2010.

The Library is entrusted with acquiring, organizing, printing and disseminating information resources to theCollege community. Presently, the Library has over 7,150 books, 430 Journals and Magazines.


Those eligible lo use the library:-

  1. All students of the College.
  2. All members of staff of the College.
  3. Members of the College Governing Council.
  4. Other researchers authorized by the College Librarian.


Functions of the College Library

1      To provide information resources that will supplement/support the teaching-learning and research needs of the College community.

  1. To cooperate with other libraries with a view to developing a network of academic library resources that is at the disposal of all members of staff and students of the College
  2. To meet specialized information needs of the College community.
  3. To be a store-house of knowledge as a place where information can be obtained
  4. To keep the library users abreast in their respective fields of study by making books, Journals, Newspapers and Magazinies available.


 Opening hours of the library

The library opens for service as follows:

  1. Mondays to Fridays

8.00am – 10.00pm.

  1. Saturdays and Sundays during examinations

8.00am – 2.00pm.


Organization of the Library

The Library consists of the following sections:-

  1. Administration section.
  2. Reader Service Section.

iii.     Collection Development Section.

  1. Technical Service Section,
  2. Serial/Reference Section.


Period of loan

  1. Academic staff can borrow four books at a time for a period ol one month.

ii      Non- academic staff can borrow two books at a time foi two weeks.

iii.    Students can also borrow two books at a time fortwo weeks.

  1. All books and related materials are lent on the stick under standing that, they must be returned immediately on demand by the Librarian.

iii.    Books borrowed may be renewed if they are not required by other readers.


 Library rules and regulations

  1. Any borrower who ictains books beyond the permissible period will be liable to a fine of #30.00 per book per day.

ii      Brief cases, bugs and other personal belonging must be kepts outside the Library.

iii.    Eating, drinking, chewing of gum and smoking are strictly prohibited.

  1. Hand – sets, radio and other communication gadgets are not allowed to be used in and around the library.
  2. Absolute silence must to be observed within the library and its environs.


vi..   All kinds of pets are not allowed in to the library.

vii..  Books theft and mutilation are serious offences that    attract severe disciplinary action viii. Readers are to present their books at the exit for checking before going out.

  1. Reference Books, Reserved Books and serial publications are not allowed to he borrowed out. They can be consulted within the library.
  2. Students shall return all book (s) borrowed to the library before they leave for any vocation.
  3. Reference books are only for consulting purpose. They are not to be taken out of the library

xii.   All books consulted must be left on the table.

xii.  All lost of books or borrowed tickets must be reported to the Head. Reader Service Section The cost for replacing a lost book is twice its current cost

xiv.  No outsider will use the library without the approval of the College Librarian.

  1. The College Librarian in consultation with the library Development Committee will suspend a user from using the library as a result of misbehavior.