The Dean Students Affairs Division is directly responsible for the Provost for handling issues with students’ welfare.

e.g.:- accommodation, sports activities, water supply. Clubs and Association and Sanitation.

Below is a brief explanation on the activities accordingly:-

  1. Accommodation

The Division has four hostels for diploma students, three for male and one for female students. Normally bed space is distributed to students bawd on first come first serve with an Allocation Form attached with an Undertaking Form obtained from the Division which contain rules and regulations to be observed Students shall go to Bursary to pay the accommodation fees for eligibility of a bed space.

  1. Water supply

The College authority supplies water to students hostels on daily basis. Accordingly, if there is any

obstacle if the distribution of water, cither with the water tanker, power failure, or diesel, the mutter will be forwarded, through the Division to the Works department to address the issue.

3         Electric Power Supply

The source of power supply in the College and students’ hostels is through the National Power Holding Company PLC, and works Department is responsible for maintenance through the Office of the Registrar.


4      Hostel Sanitation

The Division has cleaners both males and females who are responsible for washing students’ toilets and bathrooms The College supplies the Division with germicide (izal). Detergent, brooms, and other items for sanitation.

3         Rules and regulations in the students hostels

  1. All students must comply with hostel sanitary rules and regulations as prescribed by the College.
  2. Students should display good moral conduct, re. not to wear mdeccnt drcs-v use ill cit drugs, room party, xmokmg etc.
  3. Not to accommodate any person into the honel for more than two days.
  4. Stidents must not enter into opposite sexes hoael
  5. No eroction of unauthorized places of wu*hip within and outside the hostel and entire College premises.

In the event of any key missing, no student shaild temper with the door, but should report to the Hall Officer immediately.