Office of the Provost

The section is the office of the Provost and Chief executive or the College. It has an all embracing function of co-coordinating the activities of all Schools. Sections and Sub sections of the College and ensures their smooth and efficient operation

2      Information and Public Relations

The Information and Public Relations is an arm under (he office of the Provost. Among the major functions performed by this section are:

  1. Press Relations.
  2. College Publications;

iii.    Community Relations;

Hi    Organization of Special Events;

  1. Advertising and General Publicity of the College;
  2. Protocol;
  3. Legal Representation

vii. Photographic and Video coverage on important College events. In accordance with the corporate philosophy of the College, the section liaises with all students and staff associations wishing to organize events that have public relations implications for the College.

3 Security Services

The Security section undertakes the following functions:-

  1. Prevention of crime;

b      Protection of life and property;

  1. Detection of crime;
  2. Enforcement of Laws made by the authorities.

4       Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Section executes internal checking and other related financial matters.

5 Consultancy Service

The principal aim of the Consultancy Section at the College is the provision of internal revenue generation outlet whereby the abundant pool of academic excellence, professional expertise and material resource can be made available to prospective clients. The consultancy services section is the co- coordinating section of all the business undertaking of the College.