Health Service

On arrival, all students should register with the College Clinic to enable them benefit from services rendered by the Clinic
As a privilege not a right, students receive free medical services which include consultation, treatment, First-aid and immunization;
a. Stuffing and Equipment
• The College Clinic is averagely staffed with experienced medical personnel. The Clinic is headed by a Chief Nursing Superintendent. The supporting staff include ACNS, PN5, Dispenser, Community Health Superintendent and other staff
• The Clinic has male and female wards, observation beds, a drugs store, dispensary, emergency box and a lot of other clinical appliances.
b. Clinical Rules and Regulations:
• Any student who falls sick in the College premises must first seek medical care from the College Clinic.
• Every student who is suffering from a known long standing illness such as Diabetes and Asthma, shill report to the Clinic for record purposes.
• Students who starred their treatment somewhere, for any reason shall provide evidence to support their claim and make a convincing explanation on why the treatment commenced somewhere,
• Any student who falls sick and delays coming to the Clinic shall have himself/herself to blame. In such ease, the College shall not be responsible in any way for subsequent treatment for such students.
Nature and Period of Services
• The College Clinic provides a complete medical and nursing care, including observations, health talks, dressings and immunization, and a lot of ad-hoc duties that are in conformity with an academic environment
• The working hours include. Morning shift. Evening shift, night shift and Night Calls, which in total takes about 16 l>ours daily and the remaining 8 hours are covered by emergency calls.
• All calls shall be critically emergency and not an ambulance patient.
• Clinic staff treat with respect both members of staff and students.
• It is essential to maintain silence while in the clinic.
Sick Leave / Excuse Certificate
If a student fell sick in the College or Misau town, sick certificate shall be obtained from the College Clinic following normal consultation and treatment Where by the student is referred from the Clinic to a hospital or the student fell sick while on casual outing, such student must provide adequate written evidence / Medical report or duty certificate or both from the Doctor/Medical staff whom he has consulted.
• If a student falls sick outside Nigeria, he must send without delay on official sick leave certificate to the Head of the College Clinic and may on his discretion refer the Certificate for authentication to the Nigerian Diplomatic representative in the country concered or to any other appropriate body.
• If a student is granted a sick leave 01 maternity leave before an examination and he/she decides to sit for the examination the leave shall be withdrawn.
c. Maternity Leave Clinical
A female student must submit a Medical Certificate showing the expected date of delivery not less than six (6) weeks in advance of the date and can be granted dispensation from course work for a period of sixteen (16) weeks commencing six (6) weeks before the expected date of delivery.
Postponement of an examination occurs within a period beginning six (6) weeks before the expected date of delivery and ending nine (9) weeks after the actual date of delivery. A Departmental Panel of examiners may at its discretion extend this period on receipt of a medical statement indicating exceptional circumstances.,
f. Submission of sick leave certificate
• If a student obtains a sick leave certificate from the College Clinic he/she must present it personally or through a messenger without delay to the Head of his/her Department and sign n receipt foe it.
• If the certificate is obtained from a Doctor to whom he/she is referred to. it must be presented personally or through a messenger without delay to the Medical Officer in charge of the College Clinic and a receipt signed.
• And if the Certificate is obtained it must be lent immediately by messenger or by registered post to the medical officer of the College Clinic and a receipt of delivery or posting (as appropriate) Signed.
• If sent by post, the student must retain a copy The student must meanwhile endeavor to notify the Head of Department by telephone. Telegram or by messenger stating his/her exact address and the number of days of sick leave given.
• In all cases (c to d) the receipt delivery or posting of a certificate, and the copy where appropriate must be produced by the student if required later.
• On receipt of a certificate issued by other Doctors/Herbalist the Medical Officer in charge of the College Clinic will notify the Head of Department concerned: The College Medical Officer may consider it necessary to send a member of staff of the College Clinic to verify the student’s condition and any change Of address or condition must be communicated to the College Medical Officer without delay. The College Medical Officer will not further consider a certificate if the address given is found to be false.